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Timber Flooring

Reasons to Use Timber Flooring

Dalamas is a timber flooring company in Malaysia. Our job scope including supply and install for project development as well as individual request. Base from our experience, we always face many question from the profession like developer, architect and interior designer. The ordinary question like what are the benefits of using timber flooring? Why should I use real hardwood timber flooring and etc…?


Why real timber flooring?

Real wood flooring made of Tropicana timber like Merbau, Teak and winter hardwood like Maple, Oak, Hickory and etc. should be as familiar to the consumers. Their rich natural colors and durable quality are what we have come to expect in every homes. Now, Dalamas timber flooring has taken engineered timber flooring technology to a place it has never gone before with prefinished by UV Coating. It’s absolutely durability.


Dalamas prefinished multilayer engineered flooring collections are abrasion-resistance, scratch-resistance, transparent finishing and excellent touch comfort.


  • Quick reasons why it should be real wood flooring
  • Natural, warm, authentic color
  • Simple, yet decorative for any room in the home
  • Rugged, yet charming
  • Durable, yet easy to care for
  • Beauty that’s hard to tire of
  • Adds real value to a home
  • Go Green—the Natural choice
  • Wood flooring is the all-around smart choice.


Wood Flooring vs. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring looks just like a real timber flooring, right? Well, not exactly. The countertop industry has entered the world of hardwood flooring covering in the past few years and these floors have somewhat the appearance of wood, upon closer inspection they can be seen to be more closely related to cardboard. The printed wood image can be as thin as a 0.3mm and when chipped it exposes the fiberboard core of the panel.


The visual appearance of the laminated flooring (with the printed wood pattern) may look great in a single piece, but when you install in a large area you will notice how the wood pattern of the flooring panel repeats and usually about every five boards. Also, when you walk on the laminate flooring your footsteps make a hollow, tip-tappy sound.


Most real timber flooring, such as solid wood flooring provided by Dalamas, can be renewed by applying additional coats of polyurethane on the wood surface. And with Dalamas, the products are backed by a limited lifetime structural warranty. So why “fake it” when you can have a real wood flooring that adds real value to your home?


Wood Flooring vs. Carpet

Many consumers have a perception that carpet is more economical. Actually, carpet lasts between seven and ten years under normal residential use. Hardwood flooring can last a lifetime and are always in style.


Just take an example to use a 30 years comparison test when trying to decide between carpet and wood flooring. Normally when you installed hardwood flooring, it would typically last for 30 years. During that same period you probably would have to install new carpet four or five times. At that rate, the hardwood flooring actually costs less than the cumulative cost of all the carpet you would have to install.


Another important factor need to consider is the cleanliness of your home. A report said that a large American company that recycles old carpet has stated that most used carpet receives contains at least 35% of its weight in household dirt.


Timber flooring is simply cleaner. The dirt is plainly visible to the eye and not hidden within carpet fibers. Real solid wood flooring may be your best buy and most solid investment.