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Oak Minsk

Timber Flooring for Your Home

Dalamas is a timber flooring company in Malaysia. Timber flooring also known as wood flooring is easy to describe in four words – beautiful, durable, sustainable and economical. Timber flooring will look good in any home. Whether you use a simple timber floorboards or even intricate type of parquet, wood flooring will add style and value to your property. Timber flooring is strong, durable and easy to clean and great for high or low traffic areas. It is also warmer than tiles or other type of flooring material and when teamed with a rug can create a wonderful ambience.


Timber flooring is available in many species, grades and finishes for example tropical forest species like Teak and Merbau is a type of hardwood flooring that can provide you a warm and cozy feeling. Besides that, winter hardwood and South America hardwood is also a good choice for your home floor finishing. These different style and species of timber flooring allowing you to create an individual look for your rooms. Timber is a natural product; therefore it will have more character than one that is man-made.


For the consumers who always consider health issues, timber flooring is less likely to harbor dust mites and other nasties, making it an ideal for sufferers of asthma and allergies. Timber has environmental benefits too as the timber use these days are renewable resources and using relatively less energy in their production. Its longevity adds to its sustainability and, even if a building is demolished, the timber flooring can be removed and reused.


Whatever your home’s character, wood flooring is the perfect partner. Choosing light-colored timber will create a sense of light and space inside your home for example winter hardwood flooring like white Oak and Maple. Light timber will also show less dirt and marks than dark timber, making it suitable for high traffic areas such as family rooms. Darker species may work best with you decoration in more traditional residences for example tropical species like Merbau, Keranji, Chengal and etc… Either way, timber flooring is a wonderful choice for your home.


There are few different types of timber flooring available in the market. The most commonly use in the market will be solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring is the pure natural type of timber flooring. It gives you the most natural feeling. It is environment friendly in terms of less process and less treatment. However, the price is relatively higher than others type of wood flooring.


Engineered timber flooring is one of the best alternative types of wood flooring to replace solid wood in terms of pricing and also environment issue. Engineered timber flooring is a type of construction timber flooring that use a real solid wood as a top layer and plywood as the core layer. Therefore, engineered timber flooring still gives you the feeling of wood flooring because of the top layer and the price will be cheaper than solid wood flooring.


No matter which type of timber flooring you choose, the installation of timber flooring is relatively simple. It can be as simple as using floating system which only use a layer of moisture-isolation foam and glue down. Besides that, a good choice of installation method that can provide you a more solid feeling after completion is using plywood installation system which uses a layer of 9mm-12mm plywood as an underlay cover with one layer moisture-isolation foam underneath and fastens with air-nail and glue.


After years of faithful service, wood flooring can receive a facelift by sanding and refinishing to give an almost unlimited lifespan to your home, making it a very economical investment.